How to Build a Pool Filter

Let’s start with a little something about natural swimming pools. They aren’t really swimming pools at all. Natural swimming pools consider the absence of external filters to be the main restricting factor when it comes to having a swimming pool. When an external filter is present, the water is cleaner. However, the lack of a filter to keep the water clean can also create more issues.

The first issue you’ll run into is generally in the design stage. When you decide to build your pool, you will need to plan for the addition of an external filter. Many individuals will decide to add a few extra items to the pool, in order to trim the line between the filter and the pool. The nature of the pool environment will make a difference in your ability to create a balanced water environment. While the absence of large amounts of moving water is accepted as an accepted practice in most municipal pools, other situations call for a larger filter in order to keep the water clean.

Another issue in building a large natural pool is that they call for a large filter when the water temperature exceeds a predetermined temperature. The problem is that the water gets too hot and the large filter(s) present in the system will more likely burn the water. While the presence of external filters will prevent the temperature from getting too high, the hotter water will create a situation whereby dirt and other items will evaporate from the pool, debris will be able to evaporate creating a worse situation than a lack of filters. In some cases, simply increasing the amount of water will alleviate this issue.

It is possible to install external filters relatively easily. It requires a small amount of creativity and some practical know-how. It is not, however, something to try to avoid. Once you know how to build a pool filter, you are well on your way to enjoying cleaner, healthier pool water.

The simplest way to build a pool filter is to order a new external filter(s) and then clamp them into the middle of a wooden frame. You could use a salvaged section of fencing, cut it to the desired length and leave the rest of the fencing to accumulate over time. Alternatively, purchase a single composite pond filter from a select few pool supply outlets and install it into the fencing. To access the pool filter snugly, you could choose to wear a specialized suit and gloves.