Aquabot Spirit Evaluation

Aquabot Spirit Above and also Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot Spirit is a robotic pool cleaner for both above ground and inground swimming pools that has a MSRP of less than $500. What price do you truly need to pay for such a budget-friendly robotic swimming pool cleaner?

Aquabot Spirit: Overview
This light-weight robotic swimming pool cleaner does not actually have the capability to climb up walls. It additionally does not climb and also tidy stairs. It only cleans up the bottom of the swimming pool. Nevertheless, its requirements does claim it has partial wall surface going up to a 6 ″ distance.

The power cord of the Aquabot Spirit is 40 feet long. An anti-tangle swivel wire was added to the cord in 2016. It prevents the cable television from twisting a lot of the moment. Take care when pulling the pool robot by the cable because it may damage the swivel gadget. Constantly use the manage when the pool robotic is within reach.

The power supply is 120V, 60 Hz and also it has two cleansing programs: a 1-hour or 2-hour cycle for a smaller sized or bigger pool. The pool robotic uses just 150 watts. Both hour cycle could not be long sufficient for the swimming pool robot to cover the entire pool.

The Aquabot Spirit appropriates for both inground and also above ground pool. The maximum swimming pool dimension depends on 60 feet. It can clean up all swimming pool surfaces. Wheel sets are available for fiberglass as well as floor tile swimming pool surface areas.

This pool robot has leading access filters which are easy to reach. You remove the top of the robotic to subject the ultra-fine, 2 micron, twin filter bags. The filter bags need to be cleaned regularly to eliminate dust and also particles.

Aquabot Spirit vs Pool Rover S2-40i
The Aquabot Spirit looks like the older as well as cheaper Aquabot Pool Vagabond S2-40i robotic pool cleaner (read testimonial right here). They possibly have extremely similar specs even though there are some outside differences. Actually, they both seem to have swivel cords to prevent the cable from curling like a water snake. They likewise have top gain access to filter bags.

These designs could clean up both above ground and inground swimming pools. Nonetheless, it appears like the Swimming pool Vagabond S2-40i is only advised for above ground swimming pools while the Spirit is suitable for both over ground and also inground swimming pools. Nevertheless, do not expect these Aquabot robots to climb as well as clean up the pool walls due to the fact that they can refrain that.

Which design is the very best? We would probably get the Pool Rover S2-40i for an above ground swimming pool. It may be one of the most economical robotic swimming pool cleaner for an above ground pool (purchase from

If you have an inground pool, after that the Aquabot Spirit is the better choice. It costs greater than the various other Aquabot, however it is said to be acceptable for inground swimming pools.

Aquabot Spirit no tangle 360 wire turning
Aquabot Spirit might be most affordable inground pool robotic with wire swivel

Aquabot Spirit: Judgment
What is the controling feature of the Aquabot Spirit? Is it the MSRP of under $500? You are not going to obtain a powerful robot swimming pool cleaner with rubber tracks because cost array. However, the Spirit does have an internal pump which can distribute water with it at up to 85 gallons per minute. This provides adequate water stress for its purification and also hydro-robotic jet propulsion. Nevertheless, it could not be effective sufficient to cleanse a big inground swimming pool.